Why LED Lighting

By December 12, 2019Uncategorized
LED lighting

What is so great about LED lighting? Your friends and family use them in their homes, so why should you? Well, there are many reasons LED lighting is the best lighting out there. These types of lights tend to be more energy-efficient than incandescent or fluorescent lights are, while also using less power! LED lights convert 95% of its energy into light and only wastes about 5% of heat. This gives you more light in your home and less hot light bulbs.

Keep in mind, using fluorescent lights instead of LED lights will end up only making 5% light and they waste 95% of their energy. That is ridiculous! Would you think a lightbulb would waste so much energy like that? No, of course not! This energy waste puts a higher demand on power plants and will increase other environmental issues, including greenhouse gas emissions.

So of course, you want to switch to LED lighting, right? The LED lighting that is 36 watts can replace an 84 watts fluorescent light. That is a pretty large difference in wattage. Use LED lights to maximize your energy output and increase environmental safety.

Fluorescent lights have more nasty chemicals in them than LED lights do, which includes the toxic mercury chemical. Nobody wants to be around something that contains these kinds of chemicals, and when you try to dispose of them, they will end up contaminating the area around them. They can also release these chemicals into the air and cause so much dangerous waste that you would not want to be anywhere around that landfill.

LED lights, on the other hand, tend to be easily disposed of compared to fluorescent lights. You can even reduce the amount of toxic waste that is spreading so rampant around our environment these days by using LED lights.

Because of how LED lights work, less is actually more. Compared to fluorescent and incandescent lights, you need fewer LED lights to match the brightness of those traditional lighting methods. They also last a lot longer than traditional lighting does. Since it lasts longer you will get fewer carbon emissions from your lights. LED lights will last you a lot longer than fluorescent or incandescent lights will, in fact six times more. This way you replace your lightbulbs less and manufacturers will need fewer resources to create those LED lights.

A lot of people nowadays switch to LED lighting once they have learned the benefits of using them. There are very few drawbacks of using LED lights to replace your incandescent or fluorescent lights compared to the traditional ways of lighting up your house or workplace. Not only does it save electricity and help the environment, but LED lights also save you time and money. Less changing of lightbulbs means more time with the family. Less money spent on lightbulbs means more money for more important things. The LED lighting is the best way to go these days, anybody else using other traditional lighting is living in the stone age.

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