Electrical Work in Niagara Falls NY

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While this magnificent city is known for its tourist attractions and the beautiful falls, we also know there are plenty of residents who make it their everyday home. Over 50,000 in fact. Here at Expert Electricians Buffalo, we are here to help with the electricity needs of residents and business owners alike. Whether you’ve got a blown breaker at your house or need your entire office building rewired we are here for you.

Here’s a breakdown of a few general services but not a comprehensive list of what we offer. If you don’t see what you’re looking for give us a call at 716-203-6219, or fill out a contact form on our website.

  • Electrical wiring upgrades and repair

If you own a business or commercial property having an updated electrical system is so important. There are many codes in the city and county, not following them could produce hefty fines. Faulty wiring can also contribute to devastating fires. Upgrading your wiring can help keep your home or business safe, current on legal codes and reduce your electric bill. We can also make it into a “smart home.”

  • Upgraded lighting with the latest technology

Proper lighting can completely change the look of a home or business. There’s more to lighting than changing a lightbulb. You can have a clean and contemporary look of recessed lighting or stylish and creative accent lighting and everything in between. Get the exact brightness and color cast you need. We can also help install motion sensor lights on your property for safety and security. These can be much more energy-efficient. We can help light up your home or business in Niagara Falls.

  • Generators and other backup power sources

Power outages can happen anywhere. A power outage at your home can be a major inconvenience and safety hazard. Not to mention the expense of damaged electronics. This becomes even more important with a business. There’s a lot of risk with an extended power outage in a home, but when you could potentially lose an entire business worth of data and equipment it’s not something to take a chance on. Call us at Expert Electricians Buffalo NY to help install a generator for your property.

Residential Electric Issues in Niagara Falls NY

It’s important to make sure all of your circuits, wiring and breakers are up to date and safe. There’s also much that can be done to improve your electric bill.

Commercial Electric Needs in Niagara Falls NY

Whether you want an upgrade or a fix let the professionals handle that while you focus on your business.

We handle far more of your electrical needs than what’s listed. All the electric issues you come across we’d love to help you with. We guarantee that we meet all the requirements and codes your electrical work may encompass. Our certified and experienced technicians work with professional integrity. We are just as dedicated if we are fixing a blown fuse in your home or rewiring your entire office. No job is too small.

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