Client Relationship

It doesn’t matter if you require a residential or commercial electrical contractors for your project. The number one most important thing for a successful project is maintaining a great relationship between a client and contractors. It’s important for Contractors, because that’s how we get referrals, and at the same time important for clients. It would be very time consuming to get a new contractor for every new electrical project. Most client prefer to talk only with one company, hence the importance of building a long lasting relationship for both side of the party. If you are reading this article and you are a potential client looking to get an electrical service done at your home or office. Then perfect, this article is just right for you. We will go through 3 biggest pointers on how you can build great relationships with your contractors, whoever that may be !

Feel like part of the same team (decision making involvement)

Having a client and contractor relationship is great. You know what isn’t great? Making your relationship feels like an intern-boss dynamic. In a way, both parties are working together to reach a mutual goal- having a successful project. This means it is more beneficial for everybody to treat each other as equals working on the same team. You will empower your contractor and the electrical contractors will empower you to make wise decision through their technical expertise.

One of the practical things you can do to feel like you are both part of the process is to maximize your physical present at the project. Sure you are leaving your Electrical contractors to work on the electrical generator (because that’s what they do best). But do try to be involved at some capacity, observe the project and ask questions thoroughly. Just make sure you are not interrupting the work of your contractors !

Detailed and transparent Project description

This the second most important part of the equation. Most electrical work and big Commercial projects often fall through and leaving both parties disliking each other. All because there’s no adequate detailed and transparent project description in which both parties can access. There’s nothing worse for the electrical contractors than having to fix their work, due to you, the client not mentioning a big part of your scope in the outline.

You should also be asking for project wrap ups and reviews. Anything involving project scope description may seem to apply more to commercial projects. However, a regular homeowners may find this relevant as well. Although it might be time consuming to ask for project reviews and scope description in a formal writing. It is important to get the outline and goals clear verbally on the phone or in person

Clear line of communication

This is possibly the most important part of any project and a deal breaker for an ongoing client-electrical contractors relationship. How’s that so? Well imagine if you hired a contractor to rewire your entire property. The contractor lasts 1 month yet your contractor cease to show up in the first few days to work on the project? Or even finish a project for a half a month and stop showing up for a week? It is important for both parties to ask for the status updates of the deal. Otherwise you the client may get the wrong idea and think your contractor is under-delivering.

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